The Glory Days
This blog is about friendship, about the little incidents that make us laugh , cry ,forgive ,get angry ,about incidents that remind us to enjoy life every moment.Incidents that are forgotten as we grow old .This blog will help us reminisce the memories and smile when we look back at our lives..Never cry coz its over , smile coz it happened.

Jump the gun !

By ~guns~
RD and i were going to college , and i had just injured myself in a bike accident few days ago , so RD was driving my bike  now RD is an simple guy, a cheerful disposition under NORMAL circumstances..when get gets on the bike , he ....changes.... he starts believeing that he belongs to the "Hell's Angel's" biker gang or something , cussing with his distinct prefix of "Abe chal...." , like an unruly desi mobster..and he plainly refuses to wear his helmet, his way of showing that he lives life on the here we are , 2 guys , without helmets , on my bike , going to college ..since i was still recuperating from my injuries from the accident , i was well, quite scared sitting behind RD , coz he becomes a madman while driving !!
anyways , so there we were, at the last traffic signal more turn and we reach college..and suddenly the genius RD has the bright idea to jump the red light !!! he starts gunning the engine , sensing what he's about to do , i tell him " bad idea RD , bad idea ." , and before i could complete  my sentence, we roar ahead of others , but alas, RD was running so high on adrenaline, testosterone and what not , he failed to see that there was still a substantial amount of traffic at the cross there we were, way ahead of the red light, but stick , bang in the middle of the cross road ..i was shouting " damn you  *&^&*(*()&^%$^&, *&%&*(^$^&&*" , and RD was just nodding his head in a derogatory manner and saying " Abe chal &^$%&**%&*(^%^ ", when i saw a policeman approaching us ..i quickly changed my tone and said " RD , it time to make a move, lets go , cuss later " , but no , RD is IN THE ZONE !!! such fluency in abuses , ive never heard from his mouth ,  it was like the grandfather clock clanging 12 times at night , when you are most sleepy, continuous, unpleasant and theres no option but to wait for it to get between i again made an attempt to tell him , this time shouting "Chup kar aur bhagaa" but again , to no avail ..finally i said the one word that always and without fail grabs his attention , " abe ma********, police", and then he stops cussing and starts looking around and shouting " where , where " his head is constantly moving from left , to right , with the incessant" where , where" , and i told him " ass, right in front of you " ...since his head is moving this way and that , "right in front of you " according to him meant the direction his head was CURRENTLY looking in, which is not the direction i meant !! the policeman was approaching us , quite clearly and slowly coz he knew that we were sitting ducks.. he strolled to us , while RD was still looking everywhere but "in front of him"..i smacked him on the head and held his head with my hands and made him face ahead, and then he saw him ..the people standing at the red light were laughing at us uncontrollably..and what happened next was inevitable, we both got down from the bike and rd set his hair , looked this way and that , spit out the chewing gum, folded up his sleeves , cleared his throat and said , in the softest , most gentle , and pitiable voice ( not to mention , the first few words sounded like the voice of the actress Nirupa Roy ) you would have ever heard in your life " uncle, galti ho gai , please please, hum bacchho ko jaaane do, aaaj exam hai , aur kuch padhai bhi nahi kari, aur baba ne bohot karz lekar hame college bheja hai ....and so on .." .. 

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Adaptation continued ..

By ~guns~


Continuing from where I left off. The thief crossed the tracks and ran away and left me

standing on the platform ,short of breath and feeling totally stupid that I had gone through

this ordeal for nothing !! I started making my way back to my compartment, and the policemen

were still sipping tea and talking among themselves , apparently about something funny, coz

they were laughing out loud ..I looked at them with contempt but I knew my the

end of the day , they are on the right side of the I restricted myself to giving

them only "the look of contempt" although "telling them they were number 1" with my finger

crossed my mind many times..:) ..when I reached the compartment, my co passengers were

waiting at the gate, and the old man asked " beta , pakda ??" ..I nodded my head in

dissent..and surprisingly , they all nodded their head in sheer

disappointment..disappointment with me that I did not catch him and that they had lost their

money!! they all retreated back to their seats , few of them murmuring that I should have

run faster and caught him old man even said " main tumhari umar ka hota , toh jhat se

pakad leta"..I said " lekin aap NAHI ho, aapki umar bhaagne daudne ki nahi rahi".i was

already quite pissed and my curt reply kinda quietened him...


Anyways , the journey started, it was damn hot..the peak of summer, in a 2nd class

compartment, packed with people , is not at all pleasant!!I dozed while sitting..I was

sitting on the side seats, meant for two people..when I woke up I found 5 people sitting

there and 6 people on the berth above..the heat was getting to me, I did not feel like

eating , coz of the stench of sweat from all these people..and to TOP that, the toilet was

malfunctioning and everything that was meant to be inside the toilet was slowly leaking out

..I tried hard to fall asleep again ,but couldn't..moreover this man sitting next to me was

slowly conquering more space on MY seat..I asked him politely " aap kahan tak jaoge ??" ..he

said something and then his face came a few inches closer to my face, cocked his head and

asked in a gruff voice " TU kidhar jaa riya hai ??" ..needless to say, the conversation was

over..this guy was not going to budge from my seat, I resigned to that time passed

by, it got hotter..the water I had bought was over..I ate a few biscuits and immediately I

felt like puking ..while I was trying to control that, these people , one after the other

started taking off their shirts coz of the heat and sat bare-chested, proper villager

style..and villagers don't use deodorants..I was giving it my all not to puke all over the

place..there was already enough filth around !!! . I went to the washbasin and put water

over my head lotsa times, but to no avail..I still felt the same..I came back to my seat,

closed my eyes and thought I should just accept these things instead of fighting them ..and

15 minutes later, if u would have walked into the compartment , u couldn't have spotted the

city boy( me ) from the folks there, coz I was sitting without my shirt , wearing a wet 

"gamcha (towel)" around my head , just like those people, and talking in their tone saying "

DIlli jaa riya hoon " ..The adaptation was complete..

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By ~guns~

I've always been proud of the fact that I can adapt according to the situation, I can handle anything ! well, this ability was stretched to the limit on my journey home from was the month of June, it was seething hot and I could manage only a 2nd class ticket on a 3rd class train ..being a typical south Indian, I reached the station one hour early..If you want to feel good about yourself, if u want to forget all your miseries, then come to Howrah station, there is so much poverty so much hopelessness, u'll automatically feel good about your life..I think most people who join NGO's in Kolkata , do that after witnessing the scene at this railway station!! in my case , neither am I THAT sensitive to human suffering , nor is my life so full of I just sat and observed..the train came , right on time !! I found my seat , pushing the hordes of people aside..going to the gym has its advantages :)..people travelling with me were :- 1.a vegetable seller with a huge sack , presumably full of vegetables. old man and his daughter who was a nursing mother , with a wailing child old couple, and one look at the man and I could tell that I was not going to get any sleep at night , he looked like a typical "snorer"..big beard , moustache, beer belly..I can't sleep even if there's the slightest sound of a snore..yeah, and I'm writing about my adaptation skills..anyways .time passes by ,its been an hour more than the scheduled departure time, and the train is still sitting at the station..Suddenly a man comes, wearing the sort of uniform the train attendants wear, and says " there's some problem in the pantry..there won't be any lunch..if you want lunch , pay me right now and i'll give you a lunch packet" ..there were a few murmurings but people gave him money..for some reason ,i felt i shud eat the chips and sandwiches i had bought for lunch soon as he took the money, he turned and started running..WITH THE MONEY! since my co passengers weren't in any condition to give him a chase ( old men and women , nursing mother, and an uninterested vegetable seller ) , they all imploringly looked at me to give him a chase, "betaaa, pakdo , chor"..fuck!! ...i started the chase, he was out of the compartment, i was still in the middle , jostling and pushing people aside and yelling "chor"..finally got out of the compartment, i could see him running in the distance, i ran after him like a lion running after deer, yelling "pakdo , chor"..i was gaining on him ..he looked back and then ran faster..there were a couple of policemen, drinking tea and while running i looked at them , pointed at the thief and yelled " chor " and they just shrugged their shoulders..with a resounding " bh*****d ", i ran faster, but then came the sucker punch ..he jumped on to the tracks and crossed over and there was a train slowly chugging into the station .. my logical brain kicked into action.."wat the hell man, it's not even MY money he is stealing .."..the chase ended..but the story hasn' this space..

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Biking Ain't Easy

By ~guns~

I had a pulsar , and RD had an Avenger.Both of us obviously knew how to ride bikes , but poor yaz always felt a little left out..Always up for motivational speeches, i made YAZ realize the importance of knowing how to ride a bike or drive a car at least ..Sometimes u do something and immediately realize u are going to regret this later, well i just felt exactly that when i told yaz to learn biking ..immediately yaz asked ME to tutor him ..i had no choice , the avenger was new and "Lado"( my bike) , was old and had already endured many wars, so one more assault by yaz could do her no harm ..i taught yaz the basics and he

picked up quite well fine Sunday, we were out having lunch , when i had the brilliant idea that yaz should ride my bike home , all by himself ..Gutsy YAz agreed ..i sat behind RD and both the bikes sped off..i could hear my bike creaking and groaning under Yaz's not so expert driving and hulking physique, but i knew "Lado" could handle it .RD and i were riding in the front , on the avenger , while YAZ was following us was afternoon , there was almost no traffic , no people , totally desolate , when out of the blue , we saw an amazingly beautiful girl , standing on the side of the road ,waiting to cross , her lustrous locks covering part of her face, and looking in our direction ..RD impulsively let out his patented "WOWWWW" , while i just looked on, mesmerized ..Just as our bike sped past us , she started crossing the road ..RD and I had a "faint dreamy smile" on our faces, when suddenly it struck me "Can Yaz handle this, Experienced drivers like us got so distracted , a baby

like YAZ ??".Quickly i looked back, and noticed YAz looking at the girl , his face slowly turning towards his right, his gaze following the girl,not looking at the road at was like , the bike had a life of its own, yaz was just sitting on it , enjoying the view all around the bike moving all by itself..and then "CRASHHH" all happened in a fraction of a second..RD stopped the bike and we both rushed to where Yaz was lying, "lado" was on the side of the road, one more scar added to her already mangled body, and yaz lying on a heap of sand, motionless..he still had his helmet on ..RD and i knew that it would take more

than just this to injure yaz seriously , but yaz was lying motionless. we ran towards him and slowly took off his helmet and YAz had the same "faint dreamy smile" ..

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Memories of Amity Hostel

By Yaseen
Here, I show you all, the few memories I have stored with me of my nostalgic hostel life in Amity Hostel. I know that my 3 years of Hostel life cant be summed up in these pics but thats all I got since I lost my K750i :(

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Sleeping Beauty

By ~guns~
I know this incident is going to be very disappointing to all you guys out there, especially
after reading the oh SO misleading title, but anyways...
The whole gang was sitting in the canteen , it was hot outside..we were'nt as enthusiastic about basketballas we were when we had come to AMITY , in first 4th year, we had mellowed down quite a bit :)..we were doing the usual (chatting) when we saw a tired figure approaching us ..the canteen was dark and since this figure was coming towards us , with the bright afternoon light in the background, our eyes couldnt adjust and we could only see his silhouette..we were still wondering who this mystery figure was, approaching us when RD ruined the climax " yeh apna sheetad hai " ..i was amazed, how could he tell ?? and the reply came in the same gurjar like style " Abe, haath dekh uske, kaise uncontrollably hil rahe hain uske side pe" ..yes..sheetad had a unique trait..he walked in a weird manner..his hands would'nt move in sync wid his feet.when sheetad would be running, his feet would be moving fast, however his hands would be moving in slow motion and the "vice versa" would happen when he'd be walking..and another unique trait about his walk was that his hands would not move straigt back and forth , they would move in a sort of an oblique way,moving outward when in front of the body , and progressing inward while going back ..get it ??it would be like he is doing the famous " D generation X " "suck it" sign , only his hands won't converge on his crotch ...sorry for the example, could'nt think of anything else..
sheetad came and sat with us , all was 12 30 in the afternoon ..while we were talking and making plans of what to do and where to go, sheetad kept saying how sleepy he is feeling ..he said it once, RD said Ok and continued talking..after a while he said it again " bohot neend aa rhe hai yaaar" ..i was like , ok , so jaa.("ok , go to sleep") ..acting all
pricey he replied " nahi yaar, forget it " ..ten minutes later, again the same complaint" neend aa rhe hai yaar"..this time he was ignored..he looked this way and that , out his head down and in 2 minutes, was sound asleep, the canteen reverberating with this snores..
now i know i can be evil at times, but im not the only one to blame..these guys have every right to turn my ideas down but NO!! they have more fun that i do ..i jokingly suggested, "lets go, lets leave him sleeping here"..RD enthusiastically got up to his feet , took everyones bag in his huge hands like Lord hanuman had lifted the mountain in ramayana, and trying desperately to control his laughter moved away..yaz , the dude, put on his bandana, his goggles, ran his fingers through his hair a couple of times, looked at me and said " lets make a move man"..others had already left..i got up quietly and made a getaway..
we were all waiting , monitoring the entrance of the canteen waiting for sheetad to emerge any moment..15 minutes later, we saw the uncontrollable arms, faliling around wildly..he was angry..he furiously came out, his eyes searching for the pranksters..he saw all of us smiling in the distance..he took a deep breath and nodded his head as if he was very disappointed in us , and started walking towards his bike to go home..we all ran after him , tried to console him and tell him it was just a joke and that we were very sorry we did that..but he kept walking, pushing all of us ..he's built like a bull..just then RD came running and hugged him from behind, like JACK hugs ROSE in titanic..immediately his anger vanished and he told us "when i woke up , a bunch of girls were sitting all around me , and wished me "good afternoon" and laughed at me" .
i suggested "that was awesome, u should've spoken with them..become friends with them , it was a golden chance" .
.sheetad said " i was too shy, and i was really caught unawares"
...and then yaz said " RD , sheetad is fine now , u can stop hugging him"..

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By Chowdapa
It was just another ordinary day at college.. nothing special happened and it was time to go back home.. and we guys were just wondering.. how is that possible..? It never happens to this gang.. wenever the whole gang C-124 is together, there has never been such a day when we didn’t screwed anybody’s life or just had fun at college pulling each other’s leg.. believe me, you will never want to miss such a show.. but unlikely, it had been a very boring day at college or to be specific you can call it “A DRY DAY” lolz :)
As soon as we got free from the college, I decided that we will go straight home and come up with some new plans / strategies to make the coming day interesting.. as you all know about the college life.. the lectures were simply boring and especially if its concerned with some electronics engineering subjects.. :)
It was 4 pm but I don’t know why guns just refused my proposal and said he would see us at 7 pm straight at home just before we leave for gym.. I have always been wondering what has always kept him so busy even after finishing the college timings.. :) bcoz I just can’t imagine him going to Library and studying.. “Don’t take me wrong; I’m saying this bcoz guns had been the most favourite student of the Librarian” u guys must hv read his blog.. lolz :)
Anyways, Yazz was also getting bored of college so we decided to go back home.. As I told you guys, I was not in a good mood that day and Yazz was aware of the nightmare he is going to face riding on my Avenger.. but now he has been getting used to the worst biking experiences so it was going to be just an other one for him..
I “Took Off” and Yazz was like.. ok.. this time I’m going to act differently than the usual times.. he had already geared up his iPod and was just enjoying it to the fullest with his eyes closed as if he has entered into some kind of fantasy gates that I can’t describe much about.. lolz :)
We were waiting at the signal to turn green very near to our destination.. then suddenly I heard a honk.. On the first instance I completely ignored it as I thot that it was not meant for me.. then again there were a series of them from the same car just standing right behind me.. I really got pissed off this time and turned back at an angle.. and i saw one skinny driver pointing at me saying “AAGE LE”.. I just nodded my head once in anger and again started ignoring him; the driver got the point i wanted to make him clear and even he got what I actually meant with just a nod.. :)lolz
I have always felt ‘BIG’ on my Avenger.. its a feeling that I just can’t elaborate on.. you got to experience it to come to a conclusion.. so even after the light has turned green, this time I started my bike slowly just to tease that driver and I also wanted to teach him a lesson so I was trying to keep my bike to the left so as to allow him pass by me.. In the meantime, Yazz was completely ignorant about anything and everything.. :) then as I was allowing that car to overtake us, it came speeding towards us and just believe me... that car “TATA SUMO” was full with I felt like gangsters as they took off some hockey sticks and chains and they were trying their best to grab Yazz.. I noticed it when one of them started yelling at me in his “Gurjar Accent” and was getting down of the car just to grab me somehow.. I somehow managed to keep the bike moving and kept it balanced still waiting for the right time to escape as i was all surrounded by traffic.. Yazz, still in a very relaxed mood, noticing all this a little bit late, got worried and asked me in a very innocent voice “RD; do they need any help from you? Or have they gone mad?” I told him to tightly hold the bike and just stay quiet for sometime.. as i was still wondering wat to do.. "jus can’t enter into a fight with these stupid guys".. My hands were just lucky enough to survive a big blow from the hockey stick and as soon as i found my way clear, I took off again ..
Now we were speeding on the bike with “a bunch of Hooligans” just behind us chasing hard to somehow hit.. just one feet away from grabbing Yazz and then we had a speed breaker.. I jus flew over it @80kph and I want to thank Noida Govt. that day for the first time to have a speed breaker at the right spot bcoz that speeding car actually lost balance and they had to slow down.. but its still not over.. it was a long straight stretch of the road to our place and that car could have beaten us in no time.. now i knew it that if I would have to try something new or we are gone.. n it was damn serious guys.. again they were chasing us like mad ppl and nearing us quickly.. there was a sharp which is usually busy, but as we were going back home early I found it not very busy.. but could still see a bus from the opposite side rushing... and I was thinking "i gotta take this right turn somehow before this bus passes through.. If i can make this I can just disappear in no time.." I could actually analyze it and it worked out perfectly well for us but not for those Hooligans.. I just didn’t stopped until we reached home and parked my bike at the most unusual place.. when i got off the bike.. i could actually feel ‘BIG’.. again.. yeah it was a big feeling of ‘horror ‘, ‘terror’ and I could actually feel my legs shivering.. :)
Finally, I answered to the Yazz’s question; our day just cannot pass by as just another ordinary day.. Our life needs more of adventures but a little less adventure than just wat happened dude.. :) lolz

Moral of the Story: “Just a simple nod at these Indian roads can cause a loss of life, so just don’t bother to simply nod..” try to escape as well lolz :)

from here the word come 'CHOWDAPA'===="FEELING BIG"

*Note: the true meaning of the 'NOD' was not approved for publishing by the Censor Board of CHOWDAPA.. :)
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