The Glory Days
This blog is about friendship, about the little incidents that make us laugh , cry ,forgive ,get angry ,about incidents that remind us to enjoy life every moment.Incidents that are forgotten as we grow old .This blog will help us reminisce the memories and smile when we look back at our lives..Never cry coz its over , smile coz it happened.


By Chowdapa

It was just another ordinary day at college.. nothing special happened and it was time to go back home.. and we guys were just wondering.. how is that possible..? It never happens to this gang.. wenever the whole gang C-124 is together, there has never been such a day when we didn’t screwed anybody’s life or just had fun at college pulling each other’s leg.. believe me, you will never want to miss such a show.. but unlikely, it had been a very boring day at college or to be specific you can call it “A DRY DAY” lolz :)
As soon as we got free from the college, I decided that we will go straight home and come up with some new plans / strategies to make the coming day interesting.. as you all know about the college life.. the lectures were simply boring and especially if its concerned with some electronics engineering subjects.. :)
It was 4 pm but I don’t know why guns just refused my proposal and said he would see us at 7 pm straight at home just before we leave for gym.. I have always been wondering what has always kept him so busy even after finishing the college timings.. :) bcoz I just can’t imagine him going to Library and studying.. “Don’t take me wrong; I’m saying this bcoz guns had been the most favourite student of the Librarian” u guys must hv read his blog.. lolz :)
Anyways, Yazz was also getting bored of college so we decided to go back home.. As I told you guys, I was not in a good mood that day and Yazz was aware of the nightmare he is going to face riding on my Avenger.. but now he has been getting used to the worst biking experiences so it was going to be just an other one for him..
I “Took Off” and Yazz was like.. ok.. this time I’m going to act differently than the usual times.. he had already geared up his iPod and was just enjoying it to the fullest with his eyes closed as if he has entered into some kind of fantasy gates that I can’t describe much about.. lolz :)
We were waiting at the signal to turn green very near to our destination.. then suddenly I heard a honk.. On the first instance I completely ignored it as I thot that it was not meant for me.. then again there were a series of them from the same car just standing right behind me.. I really got pissed off this time and turned back at an angle.. and i saw one skinny driver pointing at me saying “AAGE LE”.. I just nodded my head once in anger and again started ignoring him; the driver got the point i wanted to make him clear and even he got what I actually meant with just a nod.. :)lolz
I have always felt ‘BIG’ on my Avenger.. its a feeling that I just can’t elaborate on.. you got to experience it to come to a conclusion.. so even after the light has turned green, this time I started my bike slowly just to tease that driver and I also wanted to teach him a lesson so I was trying to keep my bike to the left so as to allow him pass by me.. In the meantime, Yazz was completely ignorant about anything and everything.. :) then as I was allowing that car to overtake us, it came speeding towards us and just believe me... that car “TATA SUMO” was full with I felt like gangsters as they took off some hockey sticks and chains and they were trying their best to grab Yazz.. I noticed it when one of them started yelling at me in his “Gurjar Accent” and was getting down of the car just to grab me somehow.. I somehow managed to keep the bike moving and kept it balanced still waiting for the right time to escape as i was all surrounded by traffic.. Yazz, still in a very relaxed mood, noticing all this a little bit late, got worried and asked me in a very innocent voice “RD; do they need any help from you? Or have they gone mad?” I told him to tightly hold the bike and just stay quiet for sometime.. as i was still wondering wat to do.. "jus can’t enter into a fight with these stupid guys".. My hands were just lucky enough to survive a big blow from the hockey stick and as soon as i found my way clear, I took off again ..
Now we were speeding on the bike with “a bunch of Hooligans” just behind us chasing hard to somehow hit.. just one feet away from grabbing Yazz and then we had a speed breaker.. I jus flew over it @80kph and I want to thank Noida Govt. that day for the first time to have a speed breaker at the right spot bcoz that speeding car actually lost balance and they had to slow down.. but its still not over.. it was a long straight stretch of the road to our place and that car could have beaten us in no time.. now i knew it that if I would have to try something new or we are gone.. n it was damn serious guys.. again they were chasing us like mad ppl and nearing us quickly.. there was a sharp which is usually busy, but as we were going back home early I found it not very busy.. but could still see a bus from the opposite side rushing... and I was thinking "i gotta take this right turn somehow before this bus passes through.. If i can make this I can just disappear in no time.." I could actually analyze it and it worked out perfectly well for us but not for those Hooligans.. I just didn’t stopped until we reached home and parked my bike at the most unusual place.. when i got off the bike.. i could actually feel ‘BIG’.. again.. yeah it was a big feeling of ‘horror ‘, ‘terror’ and I could actually feel my legs shivering.. :)
Finally, I answered to the Yazz’s question; our day just cannot pass by as just another ordinary day.. Our life needs more of adventures but a little less adventure than just wat happened dude.. :) lolz

Moral of the Story: “Just a simple nod at these Indian roads can cause a loss of life, so just don’t bother to simply nod..” try to escape as well lolz :)

from here the word come 'CHOWDAPA'===="FEELING BIG"

*Note: the true meaning of the 'NOD' was not approved for publishing by the Censor Board of CHOWDAPA.. :)


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  1. yaseen October 21, 2008 at 9:04 AM
    My Post 'Avenger Chowdapa' RD Style!!!! Good Going Bro! Our Blog is alive again! and yea to know the true meaning of the 'Nod' and to read my version check out
  2. Archit October 21, 2008 at 9:55 AM
    lmao! man you have have some serious experiences eh? nice nice..
  3. shankar October 21, 2008 at 10:17 AM
    jo bhi kaho , noida hai MASSSST jagah ..:) ..dont forget, the biggest gunda of them all was our very own property dealer, SUNEEED and daDAAA gurjar.....hehe ..agar avenger ki jagah meri LADO pulsar hoti ....samajh jao ..:) .
  4. RD :) October 21, 2008 at 11:24 AM
    yeah its the actual version of Avenger Chowdapa by you Yazz.. n yeah we have had a lot of serious experiences archit.. and our gang would hope to share them all..
    but only the censored one's.. hehe :)
  5. RD :) October 21, 2008 at 11:35 AM
    and for you guns! u gotta tell everyone where were you at that time?? and wat kept you so busy?? lolz :)

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