The Glory Days
This blog is about friendship, about the little incidents that make us laugh , cry ,forgive ,get angry ,about incidents that remind us to enjoy life every moment.Incidents that are forgotten as we grow old .This blog will help us reminisce the memories and smile when we look back at our lives..Never cry coz its over , smile coz it happened.

"Free Food doesn’t come easy" lolz :)

By Chowdapa

It's been a very very long time since I have contributed to our blog.. and i think i have already been cursed a lot by my gang for this... neways.. sorry bros.. Here I’m back in continuation to the best times we had together with a little bit of fresh spice..
So here it is..
The C-124 gang had a speciality... that very less ppl would dare to have... we can go anywhere in the world to have good food for free.. be it any day or time.. we jus don’t give a damn.. all we care about is good food and that too for free..:) lolz
Now it will be hard to believe but yes.. it is true.. me, guns and Yazz “ the Champ” used to go to a Gym in sector 50 noida.. “Zayed” was the coach at that time.. n we really had a good time over there.. because we just loved the way he used to speak.. “Gurjar’s Ishtyle”.. it was a nice gym in a very posh locality, so we believed that we would be having a good company.. but nah.. adding to our “Bad Luck”.. this gym had a lot of Gurjar members.. n the way they used to talk just simply inspired us many times.. :) u can actually feel the boldness in their talks and the accent was just brilliant.. sometimes we used to wonder.. wat the hell was that?? :) therz one more thing about this minority community.. that they jus believe that eva1 around are jus like brothers.. their “gurjar brothers”.. :)hehe .. but then we guys decided that we would be coming early in the evening to gym so as to avoid them and to have a better environment..
So once as the C-124 gang went for their daily workout to the gym but were a bit late than the usual time.. and by that time the gym was full with Gurjars and then we just realized that now we gotta manage with them... Suddenly one gurjar came to us and invited us for a party that night.. it was in some nearby village.. n we were like.. wat? We just don’t know him.. how can we jus go for food... but haha :) food.. n dat too Party.. so loadz of food.. n we started dreaming... I stood up and said “it wud be good guys.. lets go..” then Yazz said.. “ wat ? u must be kidding....”
Then i saw guns.. n i could figure out.. dat yeah smthngz going in his mind.. he said “ k dude! I vil be coming wid u.. but lets ask Zayed if it will be good..”
And i was like.. yeah... thats the way bro... :) we asked Zayed and he said we guys can go with him... he was on his bullet.. n me and guns.. on “Laado- Gun’s Pulsar ”.. and yazz is like “ u guys have gone crazy and i’m not wid u guys for this stupidity”.. n instantly i replied “ yeah you go home and have our usual dinner.. it has been like we hv been eating in a prison.. same food everyday.. its jus the same.. :)” me and guns went home.. and were getting ready for the party.. still dreaming about the food :) I told guns.. “yar! I will jus concentrate on all the non-veg items.. and he was like.. don’t worry dude! I wont hv a single chapatti.. only and only meat..” “ Yippie.. we are going for a party..” :) we still offered Yazz to come wid us.. but he simply refused.. Then i got a call from Zayed, that he is waiting for us on the main road.. me and guns simply rushed and yazz was looking at us as if we have betrayed him.. :)
Now the hunt was on... it was a dark night and we were following Zayed.. suddenly he took a sharp turn into a place where i just couldn’t see anything.. actually there was nothing to see.. it was all dark and there was no buildings at all.. nothing.. n den v realized at some point.. dat v r in the middle of farms and our bike got stuck in the wet sand.. and we jus can’t get out of it.. n den v realized that v hv lost Zayed as well and his mobile is unreachable.. we somehow managed to get our bike out of that shit.. but den we were just wondering.. that yazz must be hvng fun at home.. relaxing after the workout.. n we are stuck in the middle of no mans land.. den guns suggested that we shud go back as its not safe and that too in the middle of a “Gurjars village”.. but nah.. i wont lose hope and that too for a good food..
i forced him and took him a little further where i could see some lights.. as I thot that it would be the party venue and we hv jus reached.. well that place was worse than we expected.. but i still hoped for smthng good.. it was nearly impossible for us to take our bike to the venue so I asked guns to just wait where he was and I went in order to inspect that if we are at the right place.. i climbed up a wall from where I could see wat was happening..i was shocked to see majority of the ppl wid big rifles and they were jus yelling like MAD ppl at each other..
It was as if they are going to kill each other.. I jus rushed back to guns and take off his bike in ma own unique style.. yeah literally “TAKE OFF” .. guns started yelling.. wats wrong dude! I was silent and still in shock and told him that I wont stop before we reach home so jus hold on to the bike as tightly as u can.. we jus went bak and saw yazz having the same old food.. he asked us y we came bak so early.. n we told him that you are like a brother to us.. n how can we enjoy good food widout you.. so we jus came bak frm the half way.. yazz looked at us suspiciously; and at the same time me and guns went to the kitchen and said to each other.. this food is good for health dude! Its full of proteins and many ppl in India hardly get any meals.. so jus sit and njoy this food :) this is the way to live life full of adventure and then coming back to the basics again. :(


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  1. Mani The Monk October 16, 2008 at 11:55 PM
    u guys at times make me envy u all..... u just had so much fun !!!
    i also stayed at our hostel and did all possible craappyy things but not like u guyz did it for 4 long years..... must have done it for say 5 months..... roger man roger !! nice experiences....
  2. RD :) October 17, 2008 at 4:19 AM
    hey! mani.. ya we did enjoyed a lot n thnx to our lucky stay at C-124.. v really miss that time wen v all were together..
  3. shankar October 17, 2008 at 12:51 PM
    and the next day zayed told us , that by the time he reached the shaadi , the dinner was over..he ate sweets for dinner..hahahaha ...
  4. Archit October 17, 2008 at 2:21 PM
  5. yaseen October 17, 2008 at 7:06 PM
    Saale.. apni waali story mein mujhe ghar pe bhitadiya tunhe!! Even I came with u guys for the marriage dude! Me n guns were on pulsar n u on avengerrrrrr... :) Anyways Welcome back Bro!!

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