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Ramadhan Treat @ KFC, Chennai.

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Firstly, I am sorry guys that I didn't post for a long time as I have been caught up by viral fever[Dengue's closest cousin] and couldnt move outta my bed for weeks!

This post of mine is quite different from others cuz this one has got nothing to do with C-124 or my Btech.. I am posting about an incident that happened to me very recently.. I am doing M.E in Communication Systems @ Anna University in Chennai n so I am basically stuck in Chennai for like 2 years! Chennai according to me is a very dirty place with heat n humidity that makes you stick in sweat! If it rains here for like 5 mins then the next thing u see is that the whole place is flooding with water n then diseases start to spread! Well all this is bearable for a C-124 member but there's one thing that one among us cant tolerate i.e Bad Food! You get nothing other than Idli n Dosa ere.. At first when I came to College I found the food good with century old prices[Chapathi-Rs.8, IDli- Rs.4, Dosa- Rs.6-Rs.8 etc.] but now I am bored of the same old veg menu that we have. After coming to Chennai I havent had non-veg for months and to make matters worse I couldnt go home for Ramadhan to have delicious home cooked non-veg food. So, I decided to go to KFC for this year's Ramadhan Treat.

Me n Rakesh Chettan @ KFC minutes before Ramadhan Treat!

One of my room mates, Nomi Chettan [Chettan stands for big bro in malayalam] was getting ready to go home for holidays while me n Rakesh chettan[my other room mate] were lazying around. That's when Nomi chettan suggested us to accompany him to Chennai Central Railway station and he then suggested that we could visit Spencer plaza or other any other place n have dinner n come back.. Well It seemed good to me as I just felt like filling my tummy with some good old Chicken. n guess wat? my favorite KFC is there @ Spencer Plaza! Well I have always been a fan of KFC n have had the delicious Chicken in Kuwait, Delhi, Noida, Bangalore and It seemed a very safe bet. Rakesh Chettan had never had KFC before but he was thriving for some non-veg too so I assured him that it will be good. After dropping Nomi Chettan we rushed to Spencer Plaza as we were damn hungry. KFC @ Spencer Plaza didnt look as nice as the other KFCs I have been.. It looked as if a storm had just hit the place leaving all sand and dust! After all it is Chennai so we were pretty used to seeing such places and we were very hungry, so we didn't care a heck. Then we noticed something else that was weird. The seating arrangement was pretty messed up too. It was as if they first planned to have that open hall with many restaurant stalls arrangement and then as if each restaurant became too selfish to bring partitions to separate their tables and chairs! Well anyways, we were too hungry and we ordered an 8 pcs Bucket[Rakesh Chettan wanted 10 pcs bucket but I somehow convinced him that 8 pcs would be more than enough]. They took 25 mins to prepare the chicken which was quite unlike the usual KFC[5 to 10 mins]. Finally, the bucket arrived and I rushed to collect it while I noticed a big sign board in KFC which said that "We serve only HALAL Chicken". That was quite an important sign board for any Muslim esp when it is Ramadhan! Anyways, the chicken was hot and since it was hot we couldn't get the taste but what the heck, I took a big leg piece and gave it a big bite...... Suddenly, blood started oozing out of the piece!!!! I was speechless, I didn't know what to do as its the first time I am seeing blood coming out of a cooked chicken leg![In Halal Chicken they cut the chicken by the throat and then they leave it for all the blood to escape and then they clean the chicken, so no chance of any blood]. We were real hungry to throw the chicken and leave so I decided to get the piece replaced thinking that it might have been some mistake with that particular piece.. Then we started eating the rest of the chicken as if nothing ever happened. Then we started noticing the taste of the chicken as the chicken was not too hot anymore. Every piece literally tasted blood! But it was too late as we already had 3 pieces each and we were having our last piece! I called the Manager and told him what happened but he was just a dummy who knows how to say "sorry, wont happen next time".. I told him that I will not be coming next time and we left and had more pepsi and mirinda to forget the taste. The next day we found ourselves sick and we had viral fever for more than a week! We have decided not to go to any KFC ever again and I have posted this cuz I just don't want this to happen to anyone else ever again. So Please don't ever go to KFC @ Spencer Plaza unless you are a vampire! tc

P.S: We gave feedback on KFC website and the vice president of KFC in Chennai had called me offering me a free meal with her anytime at KFC to change my view about KFC. At first I rejected but since she had no plans in leaving me by rejecting her offer, I told her I will think about it. She told me that the manager will call me in two days but after that I left home for a week and had changed my SIM when in Kerala. That could be the reason for Manager not calling me but then he could have left me an email! Anyways maybe it was just another formality for the Vice President. Lets wait n find out:)..

What do you think guys? Should I Sue them?


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  1. Mani The Monk October 16, 2008 at 9:49 AM
    yazz better chuck the entire goddamn issue coz theres no point in even suing such buggers......... they are like dog tails which can never straighten !!

    so sit back and let no one enter kfc @ spencer........
    probably chicken's poor fate that it had to be cursed after it died !! lol !! and ofcourse ur ugly fate that u fell sick... but now propagate and let everyone know bout this !!

    peace out brother /.....
  2. shankar October 16, 2008 at 9:49 AM
    so the thing is that " dengue " can spread by eating chicken infected with it ...a very important lesson kiddies ..hehehe..kya yar, ab kfc jaane se pehle i'll think twice..:(
  3. yaseen October 16, 2008 at 3:10 PM
    well yea.. there's no use going after em esp in India as they r never gonna learn! n guns.. Mazzy told me that he once fell sick having KFC @ Delhi.. so better watch out!!!
  4. RD :) October 17, 2008 at 10:19 PM
    hey! Yazz.. i hv got an idea for u.. i'm gonna tell you about an alternate to our old chicken place KFC.. I'm not sure if its thr in Chennai or not.. but its over here in Aus.. n i hv heard they hv opened their outlet in Delhi as well.. Try "NANDOS" and you will forget the same old recipe from that old uncle in KFC.. :) but remember one thing.. chicken is always good and don't u ever give up eating dem.. :)
  5. yaseen October 18, 2008 at 7:52 PM
    dude.. its only in delhi!!! :(
  6. yaseen October 18, 2008 at 8:30 PM
    n another thing.. You told me that u gave up Non-Veg on 7th Oct in Orkut remember?[its in my scrapbook].. n now u r suggesting me to try Nandos n never to give up non-veg?? n yea u did eat a horse in paris few days back.. Wat abt that? isn't that Non-veg???
  7. Dream'R October 19, 2008 at 12:23 PM
    real funny post nxt time i hit kfc@spencer..i m not goin my many customers they r gonna lose now coz of ur they ll sue u buddy instead of the other way around.,,
  8. yaseen October 19, 2008 at 12:29 PM
    thanks.. lol.. they cant think of sueing me dude.. cuz watever I have written is the truth.. even the vice president of KFC knows that!

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