The Glory Days
This blog is about friendship, about the little incidents that make us laugh , cry ,forgive ,get angry ,about incidents that remind us to enjoy life every moment.Incidents that are forgotten as we grow old .This blog will help us reminisce the memories and smile when we look back at our lives..Never cry coz its over , smile coz it happened.

Jump the gun !

By ~guns~

RD and i were going to college , and i had just injured myself in a bike accident few days ago , so RD was driving my bike  now RD is an simple guy, a cheerful disposition under NORMAL circumstances..when get gets on the bike , he ....changes.... he starts believeing that he belongs to the "Hell's Angel's" biker gang or something , cussing with his distinct prefix of "Abe chal...." , like an unruly desi mobster..and he plainly refuses to wear his helmet, his way of showing that he lives life on the here we are , 2 guys , without helmets , on my bike , going to college ..since i was still recuperating from my injuries from the accident , i was well, quite scared sitting behind RD , coz he becomes a madman while driving !!
anyways , so there we were, at the last traffic signal more turn and we reach college..and suddenly the genius RD has the bright idea to jump the red light !!! he starts gunning the engine , sensing what he's about to do , i tell him " bad idea RD , bad idea ." , and before i could complete  my sentence, we roar ahead of others , but alas, RD was running so high on adrenaline, testosterone and what not , he failed to see that there was still a substantial amount of traffic at the cross there we were, way ahead of the red light, but stick , bang in the middle of the cross road ..i was shouting " damn you  *&^&*(*()&^%$^&, *&%&*(^$^&&*" , and RD was just nodding his head in a derogatory manner and saying " Abe chal &^$%&**%&*(^%^ ", when i saw a policeman approaching us ..i quickly changed my tone and said " RD , it time to make a move, lets go , cuss later " , but no , RD is IN THE ZONE !!! such fluency in abuses , ive never heard from his mouth ,  it was like the grandfather clock clanging 12 times at night , when you are most sleepy, continuous, unpleasant and theres no option but to wait for it to get between i again made an attempt to tell him , this time shouting "Chup kar aur bhagaa" but again , to no avail ..finally i said the one word that always and without fail grabs his attention , " abe ma********, police", and then he stops cussing and starts looking around and shouting " where , where " his head is constantly moving from left , to right , with the incessant" where , where" , and i told him " ass, right in front of you " ...since his head is moving this way and that , "right in front of you " according to him meant the direction his head was CURRENTLY looking in, which is not the direction i meant !! the policeman was approaching us , quite clearly and slowly coz he knew that we were sitting ducks.. he strolled to us , while RD was still looking everywhere but "in front of him"..i smacked him on the head and held his head with my hands and made him face ahead, and then he saw him ..the people standing at the red light were laughing at us uncontrollably..and what happened next was inevitable, we both got down from the bike and rd set his hair , looked this way and that , spit out the chewing gum, folded up his sleeves , cleared his throat and said , in the softest , most gentle , and pitiable voice ( not to mention , the first few words sounded like the voice of the actress Nirupa Roy ) you would have ever heard in your life " uncle, galti ho gai , please please, hum bacchho ko jaaane do, aaaj exam hai , aur kuch padhai bhi nahi kari, aur baba ne bohot karz lekar hame college bheja hai ....and so on .." .. 


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