The Glory Days
This blog is about friendship, about the little incidents that make us laugh , cry ,forgive ,get angry ,about incidents that remind us to enjoy life every moment.Incidents that are forgotten as we grow old .This blog will help us reminisce the memories and smile when we look back at our lives..Never cry coz its over , smile coz it happened.

the ladykiller !

By Chowdapa

RD had a notorious reputation with the ladies..before you start making assumptions about poor innocent RD , i'll clarify ..the ladies, aunties especially , love him .i realised this fact , when one day , i was about to take my evenin nap , and the aunty who lives upstairs came to our place..RD opened the door and she was asking sumthing related to the electricity bill or sumthing uninteresting made me sleepier and thus , i went to sleep , leaving RD and the aunty , talking , at the door ..i got up a couple of hours later , and i was greeted with the shrill sound of laughter , followed immediately by RD's queer laughter...i got up thinkin if there was a kitty party goin on at our place or sumthin ..anyways , i got out of my room and saw RD and aunty , talking, both of them still in the same position i last saw them , engrossed in conversation about vegetable prices !!!
so, thats how RD is , the male version of a housewife ..he knows everything , from cooking , to cleaning up to the fluctuating vegetable prices ,and if allowed , im sure he'll be the president of the kitty party association of india sum day ..

anyways ,all of the above is just a prelude to the real story..a guy who's so good at chores around the house , obviously is irresistible to females ..and the female who fell for RD and his irresistible charms was our maid "SUSMA"..RD had no feelings or anything for SUSMA , but yaz and i could clearly tell , that SUSMA was smitten by RD ..we used to tease RD with SUSMA , but RD always kept rubbishing this day , the three of us were watching a movie , SUSMA was in the kitchen cooking ..RD was sitting closest to the kitchen , his chair almost blocking the way out ..after SUSMA was done and was about to leave , RD roared to her that she had forgotten to switch off the kitchen lights ..the roar from RD distracted yaz and i from the movie ,and we were looking at RD and SUSMA ..SUSMA went ito the kitchen , switched off the lights , and then , she did the weirdest thing ..she looked at RD and the look was unmistakable, it was full of love , , and she said "sorry" with a smile , and then very playfully , she turned away from RD , pushing her back in his direction and catwalked away..yaz and i were looking at this with wide eyed amazement..heck , we forgot there was a movie going on in the pc..we looked at each other and then burst out laughing ..RD, knew if he stayed there for a minute more , he would be ruthlessly made fun of ..he quietly made an escape into his room, while we were laughing, and bolted it from inside ..


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  1. yaseen June 26, 2008 at 12:48 PM
    "Apna Housewife chowda house wife"... lol.. dude you forgot to tell that there were 2 maids at that time..and both said sorry together.. and "susma" maid used to call rd.. "Bade Bhaiya!"..And once I asked her why she is calling him Bade Bhaiya when we were all of the same age, then she replied- "unki bhal bhi bade, haath bhi bade.. aur.. "..lolz :)
  2. Chowdapa June 27, 2008 at 12:46 PM
    haha , yeah , bade bhaiya RD ..i had totally forgotten that ..thanx yaz ..i guess RD hasnt read it yet ..-guns
  3. aishwarya July 9, 2008 at 12:23 PM
    n wat bout dat 'thumka' followed by a Sorry by 'susma' n her companion. n dat impish smile later...
  4. Chowdapa July 9, 2008 at 5:54 PM
    i wrote a toned down smoothed out version ..dont wana make the intimate details public ..hehe..

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