The Glory Days
This blog is about friendship, about the little incidents that make us laugh , cry ,forgive ,get angry ,about incidents that remind us to enjoy life every moment.Incidents that are forgotten as we grow old .This blog will help us reminisce the memories and smile when we look back at our lives..Never cry coz its over , smile coz it happened.

The perfect match .

By Chowdapa

The whole gang was sitting in the computer lab, Ras was busy orkutting , and there was jus random chit chat going about , when unknowingly my ears picked up sumthing coming from ras's direction ."yaar , mujhe koi mere cast ki ladki kyun nahi milti ..they r so rare" ..instantly my eyes had a glint of naughtiness , and RD looking at me understood i was upto sum mischief..i called him and Malik, another buddy, outside and hatched the plan which would be ras's a li'l about ras .in the 4 years that we spent in college together , he has never ever given us a treat for anything , he would be conviniently absent on his birthday and a couple of days before and after to make his excuse sound more legitimate, he din't treat us when he got a job , when he got a mobile , he dint treat us anytime ever..but for anyone else's treat , ras would be the first person in line .he wanted the complete value for his money, so for example, when he'd buy tea, he would dip the tea bag in the milk around 20 times , and then when he was sure he had drawn out the essence from the tea bag , he would squeeze the tea bag with his hands , as hard as possible to ooze out the few drops of essence left.. he had a weird sort of a parasatic quality about him ..ive had nightmares about the world ending , not coz of sum asteroid striking the earth or a deadly disease , but coz one day ras would milk everyone out of nething they have !!!! another characterisitc ras had was of a quick, and at times , rude reply , which would catch anyone and everyone off once , we all were sitting on the 3rd floor stairs and looking out the window .malik being the emotional guy , commented how beautiful the weather was.pat came the retort from ras " bahar acchha lag raha hai , toh kuud jaa" .everyone secretly wanted to get even with ras , but no one had been presented with an opportunity..

The time for revenge had come ..the plan was put into action quickly ..ras was still busy orkutting when a girl named "riya ras" scrapped him .:) ..poor boy , he was so pleased..but dear old ras was very secretive..he would minimise the window whenever RD or malik would go near his computer , and pretend he was studying , haha ..
i was just sitting behind him, scrapping ras with under d alias riya the picture we picked for riya , the picture would make any straight guy fall for her ..i mean , she was sum big time model from sumwhere , and for finding the picture , all credit to yaz..yaz always had an eye for modelling and models , in particular :) ..
anyways , one thing led to another , ras would sneak away from class , to check for dcraps from riya ..he still had'nt told us anything about his secret fling ..and finally the day arrived..riya called ras to meet her.. and she discreetly mentioned she loved chocolates..actually RD and malik were having a craving for chocolates that day , so i thought why not use ras for this as well...the love struck ras came to college that day ,clean shaven , gelled hair brushed back , shoes jus picked fom the showroom , wearing new jeans and a silk shirt , which glistened in d sun , he was looking like a big time pimp :) ..he was sneaking out of class that day pretending he was goin to the loo , but our gang members were everywhere ..we caught him going out of the college building , and i asked him if he preferred answering nature's call in the ground , n reminded him that theres a place called toilet that civilised people use these days ..he was caught ..he confessed about the affair , the whole gang came together ..RD suggested , "wat if riya comes with her friends , u would be very uncomfortable ras ,let us brothers , come with you to keep company till the time ur girl friend comes" ..he said it with such innocence , and with such a noble expression on his face , it seemed for an instant to me that there was a bright light shining behind his head and he was an angel ..:) ..but that changed when ras turned n he gave me a hi5 ..we all went to the mall , ras was subtly reminded of chocolates by malik ..he went and was about to buy a bar of " milkybar", when malik intervened and aptly said " will you give your wife a double toned half litre packet of milk for your wedding anniversary" ???ras got the drift and knew that he would have to spend sum money today ..malik and RD made him buy a big packet of ferrero rochets and a packet of candy which was enuff to treat 10 people..Ras felt a lot lighter after buying chocolates , there was a spring in his step , possibly coz his wallet grew a lot lighter:) ..we all sat down at a cafe , the designated place of meeting ..and by a stroke of luck , there was a bunch og girls , and one of them looked a lot like riya, our fictional character..i pointed out the girl to ras and he almost fainted , all the cockiness vanished ,and he looked as if he was going to be hanged , he was sweating and swallowing repeatedly ..we sat him down again , gave him some water , i motivated him to such an extent , that even if riya were a gorilla , ras would still go propose his love to it :) ..the motivated ras rose , and jus then , a big muscular guy came , and all the girls left with him giggling ..ras was left standing with the chocolates in hand, n jus then , we couldnt control it anymore and we all burst out laughing and before ras could realise wat was happening , the chocolates flew out of his hand , the dextrous RD did his part well, and even while ras was begging us to stop and was telling us that the chocolates were for riya , they had vanished and we were still laughing ! was not over ..yet..when bad times come , they don't come in a whimper , they come with a roar...we clarified everything to ras, and he was defeated ..he had the look of a man who was tired and sat there LIMP , but he put up a brave face n gave us credit for the prank ..just one more chocolate was left on the table ,and RD was eyeing it with lust ..ras , who dint get the girl , who had lost lots of money, who had been ridiculed , wanted that chocolate badly ..he jumped across the table and grabbed it victoriously , the one good thing that had happend that day for him ..he grabbed the chocolate in his hand ,and had planned to sit on his chair , cross his legs , sit back , tell all of us how childish all of us are and that nothing affected him , and then put the chocolate in his mouth and relish the taste ..the plan failed ...when he was about to sit down, another gang member , shail , pulled the chair from under him shail genuinely thought ras would know about this and won't sit . .shail has this habit of doin this all the time ..but today was different ..ras , with so many things on his mind , failed to check where his ass was going to land ...and unluckily , his ass did not find the soft cushioning comfort of the chair , but the unforgiving pain of concrete..:)) ..when one is about to sit down , he/she is normally assured and takes for granted that sooner or later , the backside will make contact with the chair ..and when , for some reason that doesnt happen , when all of a sudden there is uncertainty , there is horror all around..that was the look on ras's face ..he din't understand wat was happening around him .... .he literally bounced a couple of times, the chocolate flew out of his hand and landed on the table ..while the guys were watching him bounce, i ate the chocolate ... and to top it , we made a video of it all ..revenge is sweet..

note - in the course of the above mentioned events , no one was physically hurt , or emotionally scarred .


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  1. Anonymous July 19, 2008 at 1:59 PM
    great job!the write ups r really cool!
  2. Sai July 19, 2008 at 2:18 PM
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  3. Chowdapa July 20, 2008 at 2:02 PM
    thanx a ton anjali!!!!!!!

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