The Glory Days
This blog is about friendship, about the little incidents that make us laugh , cry ,forgive ,get angry ,about incidents that remind us to enjoy life every moment.Incidents that are forgotten as we grow old .This blog will help us reminisce the memories and smile when we look back at our lives..Never cry coz its over , smile coz it happened.

The Goof up

By Chowdapa

i never used to carry a bag to college..just a register in my hand and a pen , that wud be it ..but after a lot of coaxing and being explained the advantages of having a bag , i finally bought one ..and i was really proud of my choice , it was black , and it looked really nice ..i got lots of compliments for it , i was happy ..paralally , laash had bougt himself an expensive lether jacket ..he too , got lots of compliments for it , and in college , you could see us , me walking wid a bag on my shoulders and laash with the jacket on , glowing with pride ..anyways, it so happened , the whole gang was invited to shailender's sister's marriage .the venue was a farmhouse on GT road was in the month of december , it was damn cold, anyways , ankush , another friend , took out his car and laash were on my bike ..the rest of the guys were in ankhush's car ..we left directly after college , so i was carrying my favorite bag with me and laash was wearing his favorite jacket..even while going , some girls on the road would turn to look back at us on the bike, and laash would laugh hysterically , happy at the attention he is getting from the opposite sex ..anyways, we reached the farmhouse in time , it was gettin dark there , it was kinda weird for me to carry my bag all over the place ..i was thinking where to stow it away when laash came to me , sweating , syaing that he's too hot in the jacket and that he wants to keep it sumwhere ..i though and came to the logical conclusion that we'd keep it in ankush's car ..we looked around and saw ankush and RD standing in the distance , their eyes darting here and there , with worried looks on their faces , thinking about how long it wud take before dinner would be served...laash and i approached them , i told ankush about keeping stuff in his car ..he handed me the keys , but just then , RD roared , he had to keep his bag in the car as well, and that he would keep all the stuff in ankush's car ..i was amazed at RD's thoughtfulness..i handed him my bag , laash handed him his jacket , and told him to be careful , as if he was handing over his baby to RD..RD grabbed everything with his huge hands , and started walking away..ankush shouted behind him "the car number is 2424!! " ..and RD without even looking back just waved his hand and shouted back " bhai ko sab pata hai " .. we had a gala time after that , had dinner , danced , drank beverages , made a guy fall in love at first sight ( raina) , but thats another story ..after everything was done , we all came out of the farmhouse and started walking towards the car , with RD leading the way ..we came out , and RD started taking us left when ankush interrupted and said " where are u guys going? the car is here , towards the right"..RD retorted " your car is here , to the left ...i kept all the things in the car , i know ..u have the memory of a rhino ( rhino's are supposed to have a memory of 10 minutes or sumthin) ." ...anyways , we went over to where RD suggested, and we stared at an empty slot in the parking .there was no car ..RD roared " kya yaar , ur car was here , i clearly remember , a maruti , the number was 4242, i clearly remember yaar , i clearly remember!!!" ..ankush calmly said "the number of my car is 2424 , you dumbass" ..laash's eyes filled up with tears , i was upset and i was looking around , if i could find a stick , a knife , a bat , a rod , anything to beat RD ..RD excused himself from the spot and then after 5 minutes we could see him running back to us ..he was smiling , his teeth glittering and was shouting "yes , yes " over and over again ..laash rubbed his eyes, his face filled with hope , his face looked like veer's , who was going to meet zaara after a long time , both happiness and sadness showed at the same time , his lips quivering , unable to decide whether to smile or choke a sob ,maybe RD got his jacket back..his beloved jacket..RD came , everyone was quiet ..he was breathing hard , and his hand was up , gesturing to us to wait for a minute , and that he brings big news..and then he blurted out " yesss , i thought i had kept MY bag also in that car , but it seems i kept only guns's and laash's things in the bag was there where we had dinner , in the farmhouse, my bag is saved , yessss, im soo happy " and he started doing a little dance ..everyone jus looked down and nodded their heads and started walking away , laash just collapsed where he was standing , it was as if a heap of clothes had been dropped from a height ..RD was still doing the dance and laughing , and i was standing , fuming , looking at him dance was fuelling my anger ...and just in the knick of time , RD noticed that we were alone , just the 3 of us , and made a run for his bike ...i concluded i wud handle RD later..i helped the remains of laash up was so cold n he dint even have a jacket on , and we were on the bike ..laash kept himself warm by abusing and cussing at RD all the way back ...i never thought anyonne could cuss for so long , but laash has immense dedication !!!


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