The Glory Days
This blog is about friendship, about the little incidents that make us laugh , cry ,forgive ,get angry ,about incidents that remind us to enjoy life every moment.Incidents that are forgotten as we grow old .This blog will help us reminisce the memories and smile when we look back at our lives..Never cry coz its over , smile coz it happened.

Stop Pointing!!!!

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The other day ,early in the morning, sheetad and i were standing near the cafeteria counter to have breakfast ,when suddenly sheetad looked up at the fan , his arm shot up in the air , straight up , pointed his finger at the fan , n said to me " yeh fan aaj dheere chal raha hai na" ..i knew this was his "weird thing to do for the day" .i told him " dude , i know where the fan is , there is just one fan in the room " ..anyways , a little time passed by ..others joined us ..there was a brief period of silence and we were all making up our mind to finally attend at least one class , when sheetad's arm shot out again , pointing to his wrist this time and asked "yaar time kya ho raha hai " ..hmmmm ..again i told him "you dont have to point out to ur wrist dude, wats wrong wid u !" ...anyways , we were walking to our class , met up with another group of boys and were standing and talking , when sheetad noticed malik's new shoes ..immediately , u guessed it , his arm shot out straight , his finger pointing at malik's new shoes " yaar naye shoes hai na " ...till this point of time , i thought only i was noticing this anomaly in sheetad's behaviour..but actually everyone was noticing it ..RD looked at me and opened his eyes wide and grinned..rastogi coughed and smiled unconspicously ..we were still walking and hadn't reached the class when sheetad said "yaar breakfast filling nahi tha, im still hungry" and his arm shout out , his finger pointing at his stomach ..i gave a sigh , i dint say anything ..i dont know wat he was expecting by saying this , no one was gonna run to the canteen and get him food anyway ...and finally , the last straw ..just before we were about to enter the class ,sheetad , as if he had just remembered blurted out " oh yaar , i gotta go to the toilet, will join u guys in 2 mins" and his arm shot out and pointed ..well ... ya i know , this world is full of weird people ...


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  1. Anonymous June 1, 2008 at 1:07 PM
    This sux.. I dont find anything funny of such an incident.. seems like pure exageration... It seems as if you have something against this guy and you are trying to make him look like a fool.. get a life man!!
  2. Chowdapa June 1, 2008 at 1:20 PM
    thank you for your comment ..i appreciate it is obvious u don't know who we are talking about, just read what is there and try and enjoy ..if u dont , ur brickbats are always welcome ..
  3. chocolate fudge September 21, 2009 at 9:14 PM
    lol! that was really good!

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