The Glory Days
This blog is about friendship, about the little incidents that make us laugh , cry ,forgive ,get angry ,about incidents that remind us to enjoy life every moment.Incidents that are forgotten as we grow old .This blog will help us reminisce the memories and smile when we look back at our lives..Never cry coz its over , smile coz it happened.

The Gatecrashers

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The only weddings i had attended were of the people i knew , so when RD one day suggested we should go and attend the marriage nearby , i din't understand at first ..all 3 of us , yaz, me and rd , were really hungry and we were sick and tired of eating the same food cooked by our stupid maid..a peculiar thing about her cookingwas that , no matter what she cooked , everything used to taste the same ..bad ..near our apartment , there were two banquet halls and whenever there was a marriage , the loud music and noise would disturb us qute a bit ..wth growls coming from our stomachs , we gave in to our instincts and decided to go and eat at the wedding , without invitation ..since i had watched lots of spy and espionage movies , i suggseted we should blend in with the crowd ..yaz and RD agreed readily ..i wore a shirt and jeans and looked fairly inconspicuous ..RD wore sumthing similar ..yaz took around 15 minutes to change and came out wearing low waist jeans , a t-shirt that was screaming for attention and a harley davidson jacket and to top it all , a bandana to go with the look ..yaz came out and aed how he looked ..and RD suggested again politely , "dude , we want to blend in with the crowd , and judging by wat u r wearing , u will do just the opposite " ..he got the drift and changed into sumthing much more sober ..ultra low waist jeans and a t shirt ..ultra low waist jeans is in yaseen's genes , u jkust cant separate him from it , so with a prayer in our hearts and hunger in our stomachs , we set out ..yaz and i were together and RD was alone ..the plan was , RD would stand at the entrance of the banquet hall and talk on the fone in a loud voice , and pretend as if he's expecting some important people ..yaz and i took one route to the hall, while RD reached the entrance of the hall following another route so no one sees us together it turned out to our surprise that , there were two halls therte , and in both , marriage celebrations were going on was very crowded and we could'nt spot RD anywhere ..we decided on implemnting plan B , which was to ditch RD and go in ourslves and at on our own :) ..jus as yaz and i were about to enter the hall , a big hand caught m on my shoulder and pulled me outside was RD ..and he just nodded in the direction of the hall i was going to enter ..a bunch of drunk men were dancing , some carrying guns and firing in the air ..ahem , no need to explain wat would have happened to us IF we were caught gatecrashing in THIS party..the 3 of us walked to the next hall..just as we were about to enter , a merc stopped and a few gorgeous girls came out and were giggling and walking inside ..the security guards and others were watching them , just like a lion would watch a deer ..being the oppurtunists that we are , we jumped on the cnance and walked in confidently ..RD and i were pretending to talk on the fone and yaz just strolled in confidently , even turning to the guard and giving him a nod and a smile , as if to say , i caught u bird watching..the guard smiled shyly .. we entered the hall, and as planned , haeded straight for the food section .. we were eating merrily when we saw a bunch of boys of our age ,staring in our direction ..we stared back and RD even nodded his head , asking them wats the matter ..they were takn aback by our confidence and dispersed ..we ate a hearty meal, and as soon as we came out, in th blaring music , we danced all the way back to our flat ..people on the road thought we were drunk and giving us weird glances..but we just could'nt stop laughing and dancing !!! it was a whole lotta fun !


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