The Glory Days
This blog is about friendship, about the little incidents that make us laugh , cry ,forgive ,get angry ,about incidents that remind us to enjoy life every moment.Incidents that are forgotten as we grow old .This blog will help us reminisce the memories and smile when we look back at our lives..Never cry coz its over , smile coz it happened.

The smooth talker

By Chowdapa

To make an audience listen to you , you have to modulate your voice, make the speech a little interesting, have some audience interaction and STRESS on the right words .This advice is given in almost every school , college , and almost everyone is aware of this....STRESS on the right words ,this part of the advice RD took rather very seriously as a kid in school..and since then , unaware to him , he stresses on words where he should and stresses on words where he shouldnt ..To clarify my point , my friends and i were out to have dinner was around 11 at nite ..3 boys , YAZ , RD and i ..shouting and laughing enter a restaurant..since RD takes charge whenever anything related to cooking or eating is concerned , we sat and he quickly took the menu and we decided our order..The aggressive RD then called the waiter with the CALL "BHAIYAA" that reverberated the very foundation of the place..a small and meek looking man came to take our order..i dont blame him though , its easy to get intimidated in front of RD ..RD gave the order , " one daal, one shahi paneer and 10 tandoori rotis " .the waiter nodded politely and just as he was about to turn , RD changed his mind..he wanted butter rotis.."he shouted " bhaiya tandoori rotis with BUTTERRRRR"..there was so much stress on the one word BUTTERRRRR ,especially on the letter "R" in the end of "butter", the poor waiter dropped the pen and pad he was carrying , on the table , which in turn knocked a glass full of water , which in turn fell on RD ..yaz and i knew wat was coming and we quickly covered our wars..a loud ROARR emanated from RD, the next thing we see , RD is standing lookin down at himself , looking like a BIG baby whos wet himself .:) was the peak of winters at that time , and having a glass full of water poured on ur unmentionables , and the added pain of drivin the bike in the chilling wind must have been very very unpleasant ..yaz and i had a great time laughing ..and RD has always been in support of social causes like adoption harm done ..:)


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  1. patty May 14, 2008 at 8:56 AM
    Will Mr. RD kindly gimme his contact no. ?
  2. Chowdapa May 14, 2008 at 10:26 AM
    oh RD has a fan ! :) wat exactly impressed u ??? kindly elaborate..

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