The Glory Days
This blog is about friendship, about the little incidents that make us laugh , cry ,forgive ,get angry ,about incidents that remind us to enjoy life every moment.Incidents that are forgotten as we grow old .This blog will help us reminisce the memories and smile when we look back at our lives..Never cry coz its over , smile coz it happened.

Talk about bad luck

By Chowdapa

Luck has been my eternal enemy it a simple game of cards , ludo , snakes n ladders , anythin where my win wud depend on luck , i wud lose...thats how it has been since i have known how to speak , and i have accepted it , its not like i have a choice...but the height of bad luck was when this happened ..RD and i were room mates , living in sector 82 ,in noida ..a very secluded sort of a place..there was a power cut , it humid , it was gonna rain and the mosquitoes , well, there was a saying goin around that people get mobbed by mosquitoes ..the situation was bad ..we had no intention of getting mobbed , so 10 in the nite , we decided , enuf is enuf , we 'll stay over at sum friends place , where we could at least sleep under the comfort of a fan ..a fan was luxury for us , we were like little slum children , who wud jump with joy and look in awe when the cool air from a fan would hit our sunburnt face ..well, thats a li'l bit of exaggeration , but wat the hell .:) ..anyways , we set out , on my bike , we used to call her " lado" ..i was driving , i was the safer driver ..we just had one helmet and i was wearing it soon as we set out , it started raining like cats and dogs ..i mean , nature was GIVING it to us !! .i couldnt even see anythng ahead of me ..i told RD , lets head back home ..but the adventurer in RD sprang to action .he ridiculed me, my driving , and told me he could drive in the rain or in the sun or in snow , anywhere ..boastful brat ...deep down inside , i wanted him to drive , i wanted him to see how tuff it really is to drive when u cant even see anythin in front of you, fine , i took off my helmet , he wore it , started driving , and guess wat ..a hailstorm started ..RD with the helmet on , wasnt in as much pain as i was , n he was shameless enuff to keep laughing , while i was sittin behind him , with ice fallin on my head luck ....:(


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  1. shishir May 12, 2008 at 11:15 PM
    hey guyz ur blog is simply great !!! i really loved it .... hearing all ur stories about college made me nostalgic .... happy to see that someone has started the initiative .... hope to read ur new articles every now n then ....
  2. Chowdapa May 14, 2008 at 11:21 AM
    thanx for the comment shishir .i appreciate it ..there are lotsa things to come and we r not gonna spare anyone :) ..guns.

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