The Glory Days
This blog is about friendship, about the little incidents that make us laugh , cry ,forgive ,get angry ,about incidents that remind us to enjoy life every moment.Incidents that are forgotten as we grow old .This blog will help us reminisce the memories and smile when we look back at our lives..Never cry coz its over , smile coz it happened.

Over the top Part-II

By Chowdapa

Please read my post 'Over the top' first to get a clearer picture
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After sooraj defeating me and hurting my forearms, I had completely given up arm-wrestling. Rd and guns still couldnt believe that anyone could have that much power to defeat the C-124 champion. That was cuz they had not met sooraj yet. My friends still continued arm-wrestling each other and Rd being undefeated in the gang wanted some competition. He started compelling me to Arm-wrestle with him and wanted me to give him tips. He told me that we will arm-wrestle without defeating each other and without hurting my forearms. But each time I did that my forearms would pain and I would discontinue. I decided that I will setup Rd with someone who can give him some real competition else he will end up breaking my arm again. Of course it's not sooraj as sooraj will break Rd's arm too. Then I thought of asrar, my junior in college. He had been Mr.physique in his year and a national level boxer. But he is down to earth and really nice as a person. Me and Rd went to Asrar and had a friendly match with him. The match was very tight but Rd won the match. Rd still asked for more and had matches with Ravi gandhi, Cmc and Kb. He was tied against Cmc but lost against Ravi and Kb. We started realising that after all we are not that good in arm-wrestling. The arm-wrestling craze slowly started diminishing as it was no more interesting.

One evening our gang was chilling out in our college canteen after a mundane day. Suddenly, I heard someone calling me. It was Ashutosh accompanied by Asrar. Ashutosh was in Asrar's class and had been my roommate for around 3 months when I used to stay in college hostel. Ashutosh is heavily built, arms almost as big as his head but he lacked the quality or cuts. I didnt like his body as it was disproportionate. When he stayed with me in hostel, it was his first year and my second. He tried his best to impress me by teaching me aerobics and being an obedient junior to me as he knew that since I was the Mr.physique in my year, I have the power to decide who will be the next! But the problem with him was that he was only nice with me. To my batch mates he was rude and gave them his stupid attitude. Everyone including kanishk [general secretary of our college] asked me to choose anyone except ashutosh. On the fresher's day, ashutosh had expected me to call his name as he had played his cards well but he was shocked when Asrar was given the title. Asrar may not have the amount but I chose him as he has a proportionate body with cuts, a good looking body.

Now I turned back and asked him why he called me. Then he came upto me and shouted in his signature tone ' I heard that you have been arm-wrestling alot and your friend had beaten Asrar in Arm-wrestling' . I asked him 'Yeah, so?' Ashutosh-' Sir, Asrar is nothing, he cant even move my hand by an inch when we arm-wrestle and I can beat him easily. Ask your friend to arm-wrestle me!' and he put his elbow on our table as if he is ready for the match right there! This was infront of everyone else in the canteen. All juniors were watching us. Only we friends arm-wrestle each other in the canteen that too we choose a corner table and this was right in the centre of the canteen! We cant reject his offer as it is a prestige issue. We asked him to come with us to a classroom. He was persistent as he wanted to show off his strength in front of everyone but then came with us. To our humiliation he defeated Rd and we all were very furious by what happened. Now that he had asked for it I decided to call sooraj to college. There are many strong guys in college and sooraj might even have a good match. Sooraj is always game for good competition and he came the next day with his friend Dev. I greeted them in front of the college gate. Both of them had come to college wearing track suits as if they were going to the gym, ready for action! Sooraj told me that these guys had to beat Dev first and only after that they get a chance to face Sooraj. Dev was also an invincible arm-wrestling champ like me till he met Sooraj in college. They are best friends and they practise arm-wrestling together. Sooraj starts from the loosing position holding the heaviest dumb-bell in the gym and Dev uses his full strength and still in vain. Sooraj beats him in a jiffy! They met Rd, Guns, Shails and Ravi. Just a handshake with Sooraj is enough for anyone to get an idea on how strong he is. Everyone was impressed! We took them to our great college canteen where Sooraj and Dev had maggi. They told us it gives you energy before a match. Now sooraj displayed his strength by Arm-wrestling the members of our gang and showing them a few tricks. For him it was just like playing arm-wrestling with a bunch of curious kids! Now everyone in my gang got just too impressed that they all were trying to stick to sooraj like a leech to get to know somehow the secret behind his strength. Now, It was time for Revenge! We called Asrar and asked him to bring Ashutosh. They came outside the A-block and we left off from the canteen to A-block. Ashutosh was standing chowda wearing a brown leather jacket, his head was raised high with pride. We knew that this was the end to his attitude as we had the real chowdapa with us!

I introduced Sooraj to Ashutosh. They shook hands... That was just the moment I was waiting for! Ashutosh's proud face gradually started turning into a silly, stupid face. As if someone just poke a big syringe up his ass and that he was trying to hide the pain with a silly smile! We just couldnt control ourselves. We led them to our E-block. Ashutosh never stopped smiling. Sooraj as he told us made dev arm-wrestle first and dev could easily beat him. Then sooraj just made Ashutosh's big heavy hand go thud on the bench. Both Ashutosh and Asrar were stunned by his power. Ashutosh was just another baby for him. Sooraj and Dev were more impressed with Asrar as he turned out to be stronger than Ashutosh. It was a reality check for him as Asrar told us that he was a changed man after the incident and still couldnt get over the shock that anyone could bring down his arms with such ease. Now Sooraj was still not happy with this match as he came all the way to my college for some real competition.

During the last year of my hostel life [third year], a group of seniors who were blacklisted in ABS and were kicked out of their campus hostel had joined our hostel. They ruled the college. Among them there was one heavily built, tall guy. He is said to be really strong. Since he was in our year he was still in college at that time and we saw him going to the canteen. I went and talked to him for a friendly match as I told him that we have to practice for a competition. He looked at me with a rude face and asked me to come to hostel. Now, we were a bit scared but we went to the hostel. There in his room he was lying down on his bed and he told me 'I am not feeling well'. Why did he call us in the first place? Anyways, I was relieved as this match didnt happen as this guy might go mad if Sooraj defeats him like he defeats everyone else! Now we all started thinking.. Who would it be? Who can give Sooraj some competition? Who is the strongest guy in college? Sunny! I said. O yes, how can we forget sunny? He is 6'5'', good looking and heavily built[but it looks good on him as it goes with his height]. He was undoubtedly the strongest man in our college. I used to play basketball with him. He is in the university team and plays like Shaq. No one stands on his way. If you do, then you will find yourself lying down 50 metres away from the court! He is the undefeated Tae kwon do champion. The final match was between the 5'4''Asrar and the 6'5''Sunny!

We went straight to Sunny's class. They were having a free period but the class was crowded. We went and talked to him. Then he stood up and shouted 'Please, Everyone leave! Empty this class right now!'. Within a few seconds the class was empty except for Sunny and two of his friends and Me, Rd, Ravi, Sooraj and Dev. Sunny refused to arm-wrestle with his right hand since he is a lefty and he told us that his right hand was hurt. Now this was disappointing to Sooraj as he is a righty and there is a huge difference between his right and left and that Sooraj's left had been defeated before. But sooraj was game and agreed. The match seemed to be a tie in the begining, both of them turned red and Sooraj's all nerves came out but he couldnt beat sunny or vise versa. But then we found out that since Sunny didnt know the rules, he had moved his elbow close to sooraj's so that it was impossible to bring him down! When Sunny corrected his flaw in the next match, Sooraj easily defeated him. But Sooraj pumped up all his nerves in the first match and atleast his left hand was satisfied. Now Sooraj was getting late and he and Dev left and the whole day's drama finally came to an end.

Sooraj is undefeated since even though Asrar made him meet many other strong guys who were invincible till they met Sooraj. Sooraj decided to give up arm-wrestling as he accidently dislocated his best friend dev's elbow during a practice session. I setup a match between Rd and Sunny. Sunny broke Rd's hand and even Rd left arm-wrestling. After all this Arm-wrestling mania, all it gave us was a broken hand! Finally C-124 decided- 'Leave Arm-Wrestling... Lets Box!'


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  1. shankar July 12, 2008 at 1:21 PM
    nice post man ..those were the days..i wasnt much into it though , since u guys were way too strong than i was..but still , i did give a li'l bit of competetion wid my left hand ..:) :)
  2. yaseen July 12, 2008 at 1:28 PM
    Gun's left is his Hell Hand.. Lol!:)
  3. Raj July 15, 2008 at 1:10 AM
    Hi! Nice blog..I am an Arm-wrestler.. I got inspired, now I will start my own blog!
  4. anurag July 15, 2008 at 12:50 PM

    My blog is:
  5. Chowdapa July 15, 2008 at 1:27 PM
    Thanks, Raj and anurag!
  6. alex paul k July 15, 2008 at 4:11 PM
    hey nice one
    realy loving my present college days n i undrstand d passion in yo words
    i got a bit confused with d names n stuff
    but well narrated
  7. Chowdapa July 15, 2008 at 4:16 PM
    Thanks alex! keep postin:)
  8. peter July 16, 2008 at 11:31 AM
    he he gud wrk man !!
    i loved it

    plz do comment on mine
  9. Chowdapa July 16, 2008 at 8:50 PM
    Thanks.. yea, will do that :)

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