The Glory Days
This blog is about friendship, about the little incidents that make us laugh , cry ,forgive ,get angry ,about incidents that remind us to enjoy life every moment.Incidents that are forgotten as we grow old .This blog will help us reminisce the memories and smile when we look back at our lives..Never cry coz its over , smile coz it happened.


By Chowdapa

"SHEETADD" , thats the name given to our friend Shailender. It faintly resembled a word which most boys would be aware of , i won't elaborate.. anyways , 'SHEETAD' is a born singer , i bet when he was born , even his crying must have had a musical note to it.. :) In our group , whenever sumthing good , sumthing bad , sumthing , anything would happen , sheetad would break into a song , tilting his head , with arms wide open , legs at weird angles , typical bollywood ishtyle.. except that in bollywood , they would look good doin it , i have to admit , he sings when he asked us our opinion on his singing one day , me and RD motivated him , and the result was , he got himself enrolled in the college fest , to sing on stage his was a filler item , as in , it was for 5 minutes , in between the fashion show and the dance competetion .. sheetad kept on waiting his turn backstage but time just kept passing by.. finally he lost his temper and shouted at the organisers hoarsely" Wat the hell, you r deliberately ignoring me , my talent..i will not stand for this ..i will walk out this instant . You are insulting my extraordinary ability" he started walking away , then turned , with a whoosh like "Rajni Kant" , n said " you r insulting music as a whole by not giving me a chance" ..the organisers were probably touched by this ..coz just then , sheetad's name was announced and was requested to come on stage..for a second he remained spellbound... he din't realise his turn would come so soon after his outburst.. he was literally pushed onto the stage.. we were in the crowd cheering madly for him and we saw him tumble onto the stage and we knew he was gonna get screwed.. he was going to sing "ya ali" , an otherwise nice song ..anyway , he was a guy of our group , so, RD , yaz , me , we were all standing on the benches and shouting out his name , cheering him on ..n then 'IT' happened..he held the mike up like his idol "Himesh Reshammiya".. looked up at the sky and started singing "ya ali" ..the voice that we heard din't sound like sheetad's.. it dint sound human at all.. it was as if a door which had'nt been oiled for long was vigourously moving to and fro , making a sort of squeaking screeching sound.. :) i really don't know how else to put it.. anyways , as soon as he started singing ,our enthusiastic cheering was getting less enthusiastic.. i climbed down from the bench and sos did rd and yaz , and we were just looking at each other when someone from the crowd shouted" please no more!!!" and other unmentionables ..there was a bunch of guys who had covered their ears with their hands ,who looked very very angry , and in a lot of pain at the same time , and asked menacingly " hey buddy , do you know this guy" ..promptly i answered .." no man , who the hell is he , get him off the stage" .. if sheetad were a vegetable seller , he would be a millionare after that performance.. hehe :) he sang the whole damn song , with the "alaaap" at the end and everything.. he was totally oblivious to all the booing.. he in fact thought the crowd was cheering him on !! Anyways , finally the agony ended..the main purpose behind sheetad's participation , he told us later , was to get the attention of the opposite sex , to become popular , to have respect , to have girls look at you with admiration ..well, after this , expecting respect , ahem ....but anyways, he took this very sportingly , n blamed the performance on his sore throat ..sheetad's next target is INDIAN IDOL watch out .. :)


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